Rest Days in Uyuni

Rest Days in Uyuni

We spent most of the day Sunday cleaning up the aftermath from the salt desert. Even though we were only out there for a few hours, the bikes were covered in salt! It didn’t help that Linus and I accidentally rode our bikes through a puddle of salt water that ended up being more like a lake. It was deep! We took the seats and tanks off of our bikes and set to work cleaning and checking everything. We used a lot of WD-40 and did the best we could to make sure that everything was relatively clean. It was a good opportunity for me to get to know my motorcycle a little better. The other guys also spent the day doing the same.

Random pic of one of the townies. We named him Dog Marley.

For dinner we headed to the same place we ate our last few meals. It seemed to be the most reasonably priced for how touristy the area was, the variety of the menu was decent and the wifi was better than the hostel’s. Since we arrived in Uyuni a few days ago, my stomach had completely calmed down. It had been happy with everything I had eaten, which was great. I thought I was out of the woods! Linus and I decided to splurge and share a pizza for dinner which sounded really good to me. Unfortunately, right before the food came out, I felt one really big stomach cramp and had to book it back to the hostel for some more bathroom time. Alright, my stomach won and I decided to pull out the strongest antibiotics I had been carrying the entire trip and kill this thing once and for all. No pizza for me.

I spent most of the night rolling around in discomfort, so when we all woke up the next morning to pack up and head towards our three day adventure through the high desert into Chile (the famed off road Lagunas Route) I was not feeling up to it at all. It was decided that everyone would wait another day to see how I felt the next morning. I was relieved that the others were willing to wait one more day because it sounded more fun to do the route all together as I was kind of nervous about all the off road riding. I took it easy all day and spent a lot of time writing and I only ate soup and bread and tea. Linus took advantage of the extra time and was able to get my beat up panniers bent back into shape. They had become rather disfigured from all the spills I had taken. He was also able to adjust where the panniers attach to the racks so they didn’t rattle around so much. Awesome!

By the afternoon I was feeling much better. Before dinner we all took a ride out to the train graveyard to watch the sunset and get some photos. It was pretty cool to climb around on all the rusted out trains in the middle of the desert. It certainly did look like a place where trains went to die! On the way back from dinner we picked up some last minute provisions for the upcoming adventure and spent the time before bed packing the panniers and organizing the provisions for the next few days. We aim to hit the road early and see what this Lagunas Route is all about! I have a sneaking suspicion we are in for some good challenges!

Train Graveyard!
Sam got a bit stuck
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