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Towards Santa Rosa de Lima

Towards Santa Rosa de Lima

I didn’t set an alarm this morning, just forgot about it. Still promptly woke up at 06:45. I guess it’s a routine now. The skies were blue with some light white streaks of clouds. No more rain! As the saturated ground started warming up in the sun the humidity got pretty intense, and after packing up our bikes we were sweating profoundly. Once on the road the breeze soon dried us up, and we were in a good mood heading for the goal for today, a town close to the Honduras border called Santa Rosa de Lima. I had researched that it was a small town that had grown quite a bit because of food import and export. A safe and food rich town according to Wikitravel. I had found a hotel that looked decent on google maps so that was our reference point.
The roads in El salvador are pretty decent. No big potholes like Guatemala and not that much traffic. And the traffic that’s there is not as agressive as in Mexico. We cut across the mountains From CA2 to CA1 right after Usultan on a little winding but still well kept road. It went pretty close to the San Miguel volcano, supposedly one of the most active vulcanos in El Salvador, but because of the trees we didn’t even see it. The only thing out of the ordinary happening was that we missed a turn in a village and ended up in a big dirt hole surrunded by houses. The GPS quickly showed us the intersection we missed and we turned around and waved to the same people again on the way back.

30 seconds lter we were in adirt pit...
30 seconds later we were in a dirt pit…

Once out on California Highway 1 we were almost in San Miguel. It is the second biggest city in El Salvador, and we were not that interested in getting into the traffic or the people of a big city here, so we stopped for a quick top box lunch at a gas station and bypassed it on the highway. Only about 40 minutes later we entered Santa Rosa de Lima and quickly found our hotel! It looked nice and the 25$ per night included cable tv, WIFI(still not working though) and warm water in the shower! It has been a while. The rooms are really nice and clean and there is a parking place with a gate. The only thing a little different was that a street food looking restaurant across the street blasted classic spanish music really loud. No big deal in the room when the aircon buzzes but still, we could hear it.

Ok next step, finding dinner. It was already a bit dark at 17:30 and the area around the main road near the hotel looked not rough rough, but a bit non residental. We looked a couple of blocks one way, decided it best to go back and try anoher direction. There we found a street food restaurant making some kind of cheese and meat filled pancakes/bread. We got a couple and they were good tasting with some coleslaw on the side. Ok not entirely full we decided to see if we could find something small at the loud place across the road from our hotel. As always we were the only eating customers. We asked for the menu just to be told they only make the same pancake things we just had. When in Rome etc etc. We made another order with a little different filling and managed to get two full portions of the things with coleslaw. And the different fillings pretty much all tasted the same. A table by the bar started getting crowded with men drinking quite a few beers and shooting glances at us. Ok that’s dinner for today. We went back to try to use a card to pay our room (apparently only the owner could handle the card machine and he was out somewhere) and found a drunk El Salvadorian in a chair next to the receptionist. He was in a good mood and spoke very loud English with both us and the slightly nervous receprtionist. Unfortynately or fortunately, who knows, he wasn’t the boss, and we were told he was still out somewhere. On the way back to the room we encountered more dudes drinking beer in the parking lot. Guess that’s a Friday night just like in any other part of the world. We were preparing for a two border day in the morning though so we went to bed, watched Mad Max in Spanish and fell asleep to the sound of Spanish classics.